Jean Boulle Luxury and its principals have over 50 years’ experience in all facets of the diamond industry sourcing, purchasing, cutting and polishing high quality natural diamonds.

Sun King Diamond Coating

Jean Boulle Luxury has developed a proprietary diamond coating technique to transform ethically sourced, natural diamonds into a high quality coating that gives a brilliant diamond finish to almost any surface. The Sun King® Diamond Coating has been developed through years of research and development in conjunction with leading diamond experts to guarantee the highest quality and brilliance within precisely defined tolerances.

Working with our exclusive partners AkzoNobel, we can provide Sun King® Diamond Coating tailored for cars, aeroplanes and yachts. The Sun King® Diamond Coating effect dramatically alters the luxury vehicle’s visual appearance whilst also maintaining full functional capabilities and has been applied to super cars produced by some of the world’s foremost luxury car marques, a Bombardier Global Express and most recently a yacht.


Jean Boulle Luxury’s Sun King® Diamond coating has been exhibited at the most prestigious car shows, including the Geneva International Motor Show and Top Marques Monaco Super Car Show and has been applied to luxury cars including a a Rolls Royce Ghost Elegance and a Bentley Azure. The result is a luxury automotive finish of unique and incomparable beauty.


Jean Boulle Luxury signed an agreement with AkzoNobel in May 2017 to produce Sun King® Diamond Coating for the aviation sector that benefits from the performance and aesthetics which this technology combines. The aviation grade Sun King® Diamond Diamond Coating has been subject to stringent testing to ensure it meets required specifications whilst maintaining its brilliant appearance.


Sun King® Diamond Coating’s unique combination of diamond toughness and aesthetic brilliance can be applied to yachts and superyachts. Working with AkzoNobel, Jean Boulle Luxury has launched a Sun King® Diamond Coating based on the market leading Awlgrip Topcoat range which sparkles even in the challenging marine environment. 

The Legacy of André-Charles Boulle

Reviving tradition, embracing art:

The Boulle story starts at Versailles during the time of the ‘Sun’ King Louis XIV. A true patron of the arts, Louis XIV supported the finest craftsmen of the day, encouraging them to push their skills to the limit, to set new standards and to create new value.
André-Charles Boulle “Premier ébéniste du Roi”, crafted marquetry of the utmost refinement. Using nature as his inspiration he created unique masterpieces that can be recognized by the skilled inlay of precious materials into wood or tortoise shell. No artist, before or since, has used these motifs with such an array of astonishing skills, courage and surety. This is why to this day this craft is known as “Boulle Work”.
Reviving this extraordinary art and conserving it for generations to come, is at the heart of Jean Boulle Luxury and the exquisite Sun King® Diamond Coating that is inspired by it. As part of this committment, Jean Boulle Luxury has collaborated with the world famous Ecole Boulle in Paris, a jewellery design school, also specialized in the art and craft of Boulle marquetry to support the development of the next generation of artists. Striving for excellence in all its complexity made André-Charles Boulle’s marquetry transcend furniture to become Objets d’Art, unique in their own right.
Jean Boulle Luxury embraces this vision so that every Sun King® Diamond Coating is bespoke and carries the Jean Boulle Luxury Signature. 


Jean Boulle Luxury meets the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct in all its activities.

All diamonds used in the production of Sun King® Diamond Coating are certified as conflict free.

To ensure maximum supply chain transparency we source our diamonds either directly from the Jean Boulle Group’s offshore mining operations or from reputable suppliers who we have worked with for many years. We have also implemented our own procedures and protocols to assure the provenance of the natural diamonds we use as well as to track and trace the flow of rough diamonds from their source to our customers.

In addition, we fully comply with relevant international standards such as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the requirements of the World Diamond Council to combat the trade in illegal diamonds. We also utilise the World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties.

We are committed to respecting human rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the core conventions of the International Labour Organisation in all of our operations and throughout our supply chain.

In addition, our Code of Conduct requires all staff and contractors to meet Jean Boulle Luxury’s high standards.

Protecting the interests of our customers is a key priority. All material information about our products is fully disclosed to customers at all times in accordance with best industry practice and within the constraints of commercial confidentiality.

Dallas / Antwerp / Mauritius / Luxembourg / Maastricht

Bertrand Boulle, MBA

CEO, Jean Boulle Luxury

Bertrand Boulle has worked within the diamond industry from mine to market. He has managed mines and subsidiaries for De Beers as well as independent diamond producers in the UK, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry. His mining background is complemented by a 20 year management career in the EU and Mauritius within the financial services sector as CEO of a financial institution.

Mike Angenent, MA

Director, Jean Boulle Luxury

Mike Angenent is a Certified Diamond Grader and Graduate Gemmologist of the Diamond High Council in Antwerp. He has held several senior roles in the diamond industry, focusing on supply chain transparency and beneficiation projects. He cooperated with the Diamond Development Initiative in Sierra Leone transforming artisanal mining into sustainable development and worked with small scale miners in Brazil bringing their rough diamond production to the international market. Mike chairs the Jeweltree Foundation which he co-founded in 2008.

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